What is Mani Retreat?

Mani Retreat is a recitation retreat where participants gather to recite the six syllabus mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG, which is the heart mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) Bodhisattva.

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OM MANI PADME HUNG is the heart mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) Bodhisatttva. If the mantra is recited with a sincere heart and pure motivation, practitioners will gain insight into the wisdom and compassion of Avalokitshvara Bodhisattva.

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Mantra Count

This is opened to Organisations and Dharma centres. The accumulation of the Mani chants will be dedicated at the end of the Mani Retreat for world peace, aversion of calamities and for prosperity and good health.

4736643 CHANTS

Online Mantra Pledge

Please click here to download the Mani Chanting Recording List for 2021.
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2021 年,请点这里下载观音心咒念诵数目累计表。谢谢。

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Dharma Teachings

Sharing of Dharma teachings, inspirational quotes, prayers and downloads

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Date: 14th Aug, 4th Sept & 2nd Oct 2021 (Sat)

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 912 3573 4252

Passcode: 077128

Led by Ven. Chuan Xian, come and join in this Mani group practice and recite the six syllabus mantras together. May the blessing of Chenrezig bring joy and happiness to all!


We will be offering electronic lamps in our Dharma centre for the blessings of all sentient beings. Participants who wish to dedicate merits of the light offerings to themselves or their loved ones may fill up the details via the form found in this link https://bit.ly/3mw8FZm Thank you!

P.S. Pls note that the names submitted for dedication of merits will be put up in our centre for about a month, till our next Mani group practice.