Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This first 100 Million Mani Recitation Retreat was initiated by The Late His Eminence Drubwang Rinpoche in year 2001. Many, who had attended the retreat, saw positive transformations in their lives. As the organizer, we hope that we can continue this retreat to provide a channel to inspire people and motivate them towards a better living, physically and spiritually.

This year, the emphasis is on experiencing the blessings by immersing ’In the Light of Great Compassion’ of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, as participants wholeheartedly recite the six syllabus mantra. It is through this practice that one is able to quickly generate love and compassion. This is one of the best antidotes that will purify one’s negative thoughts and emotion, and bring about the well being of oneself. One can also share this love and compassion with the people around through dedication prayers.

The benefits are inconceivable, a very brief outline is:

  • Creating a vast amount of merits and this will bring happiness and the causes for happiness in one’s life.
  • The positive merits accumulated and dedicated will also help other living beings (including the non- humans) in the world to swiftly gain liberation from suffering.
  • Purify negativities created from this life and the past.
  • Generate positive thoughts of compassion, which will attract peacefulness and tranquility within one life, one’s living environment and the people around him/her.
  • Ripen the good condition for one who is embarking on his/her spiritual path.
  • Develop wisdom through continuous practice even after the retreat, able to lead one to experience the things in life with clarity and understanding.
  • Plant the seed of Enlightenment and one may be able to liberate oneself from the six realms of existence if one has done the practice diligently, according to the Teachings of the Buddha.
The number of days is calculated to meet the 100 million recitations of Om Mani Padme Hung and also a chance for participants to settle down their minds, relaxing oneself in the recitation practice.
The blessing ceremony on the evening of the last day will be open to public and no admission fee will be charged for that session.
  • As the air-conditioning temperature is centrally controlled and we are unable to adjust the temperature according to requests, please bring along a jacket or shawl.
  • To reduce the use of plastic cutlery and disposable cups during the retreat, all participants are highly encouraged to bring along their own cups for beverages & cutlery.


The cost of the tickets would help to defray the expenses incurred during the event.
  • Full timers’ tickets are priced at $120 and $100 (excluding the S$4 SISTIC booking fee). Both types of tickets are inclusive of the vegetarian lunches and dinners.
  • The $120 ticket is for a seat in the Auditorium while the $100 ticket is for a seat in the Cultural Room.
  • Sale of tickets is available from 15th Sept to 22nd Dec 2016 through SISTIC.
  • Part timers’ tickets will be on sale during the retreat at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, subjected to availability.
Yes, Senior Citizens (Aged 60 & above) and Students’ tickets are charged at $100 for the Auditorium seats & $80 for the Cultural Room seats.


Vegetarian packet lunch & dinner will be provided for full-time participants. Light refreshments will also be provided during break times. Participants are welcome to contribute vegetarian snacks and beverages (NO cheese, eggs, garlic, onion or gelatin) if they wish to share them with other participants.
We are unable to provide packet meals for part-time participants as it is difficult to estimate the number of part-time participants for each session and we would like to minimize any wastage of food.
Hot water dispensers will be available outside the hall at the dining area.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles / thermals/ cups.

Other Enquiries

  • You can send us a cheque, made payable to Mani Retreat Association and mail it to:
    10 Stirling Road, #22-04. Singapore 148954
  • Please indicate your name and address behind the cheque, so that we can send you an official receipt.
  • For other types of sponsorship, you can also email us [email protected]
  • We sincerely thank you for your generosity. May all living beings benefit from your kindness directly and indirectly, and may all gain enlightenment soon.
No, the organising committee members are volunteers who are not paid to run the event. They have contributed their time and efforts to make this event possible.



  • 累积广大功德,能为一生带来安乐及安乐的因。
  • 所累积及回向的功德也能帮助其他众生(包括非人类的众生),让他们能快速从痛苦中解脱。
  • 净化此生和过去世所造的恶业。
  • 引发悲心的正念,能为个人的生活、周围环境和亲友带来和平及安宁的气氛。
  • 使踏上灵修之道的善缘成熟。
  • 在闭关法会后若继续修持,将能进一步启发智慧,使您以更清晰的心及同理心来体验生活。
  • 根据佛陀的教法,若精进修持,可种下成佛的种子,可从六道轮回中解脱。
  • 由于空调温度由中央系统控制,并不能依个人要求而有所调整,因此请携带外套或披巾。
  • 为了减少使用塑料餐具和杯子,我们鼓励与会者携带个人使用的杯子和餐具。


全程与会者的票价为新币100元及120元,不包括 SISTIC 的新币4元手续费。有关票价包括素食午餐及晚餐。
售票期为9月15日至12月22日。请向 SISTIC 购票。




  • 您可通过捐款来支持这个殊胜的法会。支票抬头请写Mani Retreat Association,并邮寄至:
    10 Stirling Road, #22-04, Singapore 148954
  • 请在支票背后写上您的姓名和地址,以便我们将收据邮寄给您。
  • 若您想以其他方式赞助此法会,请电邮至 [email protected]
  • 感谢您的慷慨解囊。祈愿所有众生因为您的善心,能直接或间接的受益,并愿大家能速证佛果