Latest Updates!

The 17th 100 Million Mani Recitation Retreat was successfully completed in Singapore on 25 Dec 2017! The total number of on-site recitations and contributions from around the world is 106, 602, 608 Mani recitation counts.

The Mani Retreat Association would like to sincerely thank HE Tritsab Gyabra Rinpoche & the lamas for leading us in this auspicious retreat, members of the Sangha, sponsors, volunteers and all our participants (both on-site and around the world). Thank you very much for making this event possible and complete.

We would like to dedicate the merits and positivity we have accumulated during the retreat towards world peace, aversion of all calamities and for everyone's good health and happiness in the coming year. May our Mani practice benefit all sentient beings and may all gain Enlightenment soon.

第17届一亿观音心咒禅修闭关已在新加坡圆满结束。我们通过在场的参与者以及世界各地的念诵者的念诵,总共累积了 106, 602, 608 遍的嘛尼心咒。 嘛尼供修协会衷心感谢尊贵的赤扎仁波切以及众喇嘛带领如此殊胜的法会。同时我们也要感谢参与的僧团、功德主、义工以及在场及世界各地的法友们。感谢您们使这个法会圆满。 我们将法会所累积的所有功德及善业,回向予来年世界和平、平息灾难、以及诸位的安康。祈愿我们的嘛尼修持能利益所有众生,也祈愿所有众生速证佛果。