Dharma Teachings

Explanation of the Six Syllable Mantra

Closing the doors to the six realms, this mantra frees sentient beings from sufferings to be reborn in Buddha’s Pure Land.

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The Late H.E. Drubwang Rinpoche’s Teachings

All sentient beings in the six realms wish for happiness and want to be free from suffering. However, only sentient beings endowed with a precious human life have the greatest capacity to achieve this.

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Advice by H.E. Thritsab Rinpoche

The benefits of reciting the Compassionate Avalokiteshvara’s mantra are infinite like the limitless sky. Even if you don’t have much intellectual understanding of the Dharma, if the only thing you know is reciting OM MANI PADME HUNG, you will gradually become less attached to this life by freeing yourself from the eight worldly concerns. You will be able to truly enjoy a happy life. OM MANI PADME HUNG – this six-syllable mantra is the essence of all the Dharma. It looks very simple and it is not difficult to recite. But if you think of the benefits and the result that it will bring, this practice is not simple at all.

~ H.E. Thritsab Gyabra Rinpoche

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༄༅། །གུ་རུ་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་ཚིག་བདུན་གསོལ་འདེབས་བཞུགས་སོ། །

GURU RINPOCHE Seven Line Prayer 莲师七句祈请文

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Dharma Quotes

From time to time, this page will be updated with new nourishing dharma quotations. Please come back often to be inspired.

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