The Mani Retreat is jointly organised by Mani Retreat Association and Drikung Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism

Drikung Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism

The Drikung Kagyu Order was founded in 1179 by Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön. It is headed by the two Kyabgon Rinpoches, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chungtsang. While Chungtsang Rinpoche resides in Lhasa, Chetsang Rinpoche has established the Drikung Kagyu seat in exile in Dehra Dun, in the northeast of India.

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Mani Retreat Association

Mani Retreat Association (MRA) was formed in 2011 by a group of Buddhists volunteers who were very inspired by His Eminence Drubwang Rinpoche’s Teachings on the practice of Chenrezig’s six-syllable mantra – Om Mani Padme Hung, and wish to propagate these Teachings to benefit all sentient beings. One of the main objectives of MRA is to organise the 100 Million Mani Recitation Retreat yearly in Singapore as it was H.E. Drubwang Rinpoche’s wish and belief that such a group practice, if done with pure motivation, compassion and love, will bring about tremendous benefits and blessings for the participants and all sentient beings.

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